Borah Teamwear shares its passion for custom team apparel with thousands of teams, clubs and groups each year. Here are just a few of the many success stories, photos and testimonials shared in return.

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<p>“After a short wait we received our highly anticipated kit. It was warmly received amidst many glowing reviews among the 100 plus individuals gathered for the unveiling. Heather did a great job translating and relaying my confusion to the graphic arts department. The kit fits and functions truly at the Pro level and not just words in the ad copy. The pro material is supremely comfortable over a wide range of temps. The new red chamois doubles the comfortable ride time of the old. The production was accomplished within their stated time frame. We could not be happier! Thanks, Borah!!! – Roger C</p>
<p>“Thanks for the great new cycling jersey and the easy ordering process at borahteamwear.com.  I wore my new Floyd’s of Leadville Borah jersey to a division win in a recent mountain bike race at Winter Park Colorado.” – Brad B</p>
<p>“We couldn’t be more pleased with the clothing.  Fit and quality are exemplary and love that they are made in the USA.” – Craig M – Park Ave Bike p/b Borah Teamwear CX Team – New York</p>
<div>“Holy cow! Or holy pig, I love our jerseys!  Nice work by Borah!”  – Heather J</div>
<p>“Another podium in Borah kit.” – Roger Williams</p>
<p>“We are very happy with our new jerseys. They look very sharp. We so appreciate all you/Borah Teamwear did to get things right. I especially love my jerseys without the elastic in the bottom, I wish I had done that on my other ones in years past. We have had many people ask where we had our jerseys made and a couple were looking into getting custom ones made so I hope you get some business from them. John is already thinking of what our next jersey design might be. If he starts now we might have something in a year or two! Be safe riding and hope you are having a great Spring!” – Barb and John Hart</p>
<p>“Thank you Borah Teamwear for making the brightest kit possible. The high visibility makes a difference. Last Saturday, I rode 225 miles across most of the State of Iowa to La Crosse, WI. About half way through the ride, I notice that drivers were being extremely courteous. Additionally, the amount of riding room that I was given and the number of drives that passed me all the way in the right lane was noticeable. I attribute it to the “be seen” high visibility kit! As a cyclist, I advocate for shared roads, and pedestrian focused transportation. I think we need to make sure we are seen, that is our responsibility.</p>
<p>“Say no to black on bikes! Wearing apparel and helmets the color of asphalt is a huge safety mistake.” – Marvin Wanders</p>
<p>“My experience working with Heather at Borah has been such a pleasure. The process was super simple, and I am really happy with the quality and overall construction of our team kits. Proof attached (I am on the left, and my teammate, Elizabeth, is on the right!).” – Kate M</p>
<p>Hey, guys! Thanks again for the help to get these jerseys pulled together for Ride the Rockies. People loved them. Here are a few photos from the tour. Hope you’re enjoying summer! – Lindsey Schauer – Marketing Coordinator – Jackson’s Honest – The Original Coconut Oil Chip</p>
<p>Your work over the last 10 years on display today. The team wearing a Rainbow of HVC Kits. – Michael Coburn</p>
<p>“May God set your sails and guide your ship’s course.” – Bob Buchanan</p>
<p>I am completely satisfied with my order and raced it for the first time in my first Sports league – level race. Thank you and your team for providing me with this awesome kit! I will definitely recommend your brand to everyone! Very respectfully, Donny</p>
<p>Thanks for your help as always.  The ski season is over, but we will be heading for Switzerland next March as a “frogs in the forest” team and I’m sure there will be some more orders before then. – Eivind</p>
<p>#all_spoked_up  #asudevo</p>
<p>We finally got out in our new team kits this weekend. Bibs, short sleeve jerseys, and vest (plus existing arm warmers). Extremely comfortable! We’re very happy with our new short sleeve tops. We started this team in 2013 and you guys have been the best since day 1. More images to come once we get going. We’ve got a simulated team Tri on Memorial day weekend. We will get some good shots in action and I will send them your way.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Heidi & Andrew Knapp<br />
Ironworx Multisport, LLC</p>
<p>Hi Borah Teamwear<br />
​​<br />
Just wanted to say thanks for supporting Team USA at the recent Special Olympics World Games in Austria. My daughter Torie is a snowshoer and had a fun time, won 3 medals (1 gold and 2 bronze) and looked awesome in her gear. With supporters like you, we can make the world a better place for people with intellectual disabilities and for us all! You’re the best 🙂</p>
<p>Best regards<br />
Tom Moore</p>
<p>Here are some great action shots of the one piece tri suit in action.  It is getting great reviews as well. – Kris Swarthout – Final K Sporting Services</p>
<p>Hi Guys,</p>
<p>Thanks for your support!</p>
<p>– Sten Fjeldheim</p>
<p>“We have had a phenomenal experience with Borah Teamwear. I tell everyone how fantastic you folks are and how fabulous your race suits are.</p>
<p>“Sophia has made it clear there is no other race suit for her but a custom Sophia designed Borah race suit. However, a picture says 1000 words.</p>
<p>“There is no confusion as everyone knows when Sophia is on course with a flash of colors coming down thanks to Borah. Moreover, I am so very impressed how you, your manager and company stood behind your product.</p>
<p>“You have Sophia’s race suits from now until Beijing!!!! Seriously, we greatly enjoy designing her race suit with each year being a challenge to upstage the past season and the quality is marvelous. Nothing like Midwest craftsmanship!!!</p>
<p>“I wish you much continued success.”</p>
<p>Finest regards<br />
<p>The Icelandic Storm Troopers 50 km Nordic skiing at Ísafjördur, Iceland. We will be needing more stuff from you. Best regards! – Bjorn</p>

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